Fiends, fellow heirs and inciters. I am making a little video for a track from my forthcoming album, Lower Reaches, to be offered as a free download in a marketing and promotional blitz the likes of which  has not been seen since the privatisation of the gas board. I need wedding photos. I need OLD wedding photos –  your grandparents or your parents – nothing too modern. I need dance floor scenes and group shots, confetti flinging and ribboned limos. I need pictures of folk taking pictures and I need smiles and veils and trains and hats. All and any aspects of weddings for a slow, romantic piece of music.

You’ll need to warrant that you own the images and are happy to have me use them in a music video so don’t send me something that somebody else wouldn’t want to see on YouTube. This is why wedding photos of the deceased would be handy. Yes, you too are being exploited. Send scans as high resolution as possible to me at


There will be no reward and no recompense. It is the web at work – taking your content and monetizing it for its own gain. It’s your loss. Your chance to be part of something that doesn’t love you back. You know it makes sense.

My gratitude in advance, Justin