Tracks of the Year 2013

Here are my tracks of the year, 2013:

Small Plane by Bill Callahan
Black Tambourine by Withered Hand
Avant Gardener by Courtney Barnett
Carry On, Carry On by Edwyn Collins
Deathrays In Disneyland by The Young Aviators
Is It Raining In Your Mouth? by The Fat White Family
Old Toy Trains by Nick Lowe
Stoned and Starving by Parquet Courts —More Rants/Slates

Bob Harris session, London, December 9th & 10th


I come burning out of the JPR Management Christmas party in a rage of resentment, flailing desperately at passing cabs whose lights are resolutely unlit. I’m cutting this fine. I’m in Shepherds Bush bound for Glasgow and my flight leaves Heathrow in about eighty minutes. Tick, tick, tick. That was a party I didn’t want to leave. I rouse a sleeping cabbie outside the Hilton with a gentle series of knocks on his bonnet, slowly increasing in intensity. He comes to with a smile, perhaps appreciative of my sensitivity to the truth of the proverb concerning sleeping dogs. We speed off to Paddington with an alacrity born of rich experience of London driving. He asks me about independence and I give him my tuppence worth. He is impassioned about its potentially disastrous effect on the Scots. Although I agree I find…—More Tales